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Unix Administration

Got a Unix server in the corner with no one to look after it? Maybe you've just got a few Unix or Linux servers, not enough to warrant a full time Administrator but you need someone to perform the odd job. This is where Intronet Computers come in. We can provide adhoc Administration services. Upgrades, patching, configuration or housekeeping, our highly skilled administrators can provide an effective and efficient solution to your Unix server problems. Temporary staff shortages, someone to do that task you've been putting off or maybe you just haven't got the skills in house. Whatever the reason, contact us to find out how we can help you. We have Solaris and HP-UX certified administrators waiting to help you.


You've heard how reliable it is. You've heard about the savings you can make. Now's the time to put Linux to work in your business. Linux makes an ideal web server, firewall, DNS server, print server, desktop or in fact, any task performed by small to medium servers. Intronet Computers can provide Linux consultancy, support or implementation of Linux solutions for your company. Our engineers are Red Hat Linux Certified and are experts in their field . Contact us to get Linux working for you.


How secure are your Unix and Linux servers? Not sure? Why not get Intronet Computers to carry out a security audit of your servers. We're not talking about a few network probes but a detailed examination at the server level to check for security vulnerabilities that may be exposing your servers to hackers. You'll get a fully documented statement of our finding as well as recommendations on how to fix any problems. If you want to make your servers more secure contact Intronet Computers now.

Other Services

We can provide Unix and Linux engineers and administrators for short term contracts. Contact us with your requirements.

See these details for more information about Intronet Computers. You can also email us.

See our Unix Admin Centre . Loads of tips, procedures and articles on most flavours of Unix and Linux. Including System Adminstration, networking, scripts and databases.

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