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While we've tried to present useful and accurate procedures, we can't guarantee that there are no mistakes. We therefore have to say that you use these procedures at you own risk. If you do spot any errors, please let us know, email us at .

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Why did I bother?

A while back I decided to keep a note book of procedures I found useful or were new to me so I didn't have to rely on my feeble memory. Over the years, this note book grew into quite a wealth of information. I started to worry about loosing it and decided a copy would be wise. An electronic copy was the obvious answer and I decided to make it web based so I could access it wherever I had a browser. At first I was going to keep quiet about the site but changed my mind. I figured if I found it useful, others may too. I hope you do find it useful.

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Updated Procedures -

New Scripts Added -

  • - Provides a list of free space by Physical Volume, Voulem Group and filesystem for AIX servers (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Finds free, unused disks on AIX servers (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Will maintain the specified number of generations for the specified log file (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Will help debug scripts by allowing you to edit then run the script specified in a continous loop (From Lee Binkley)
  • - A sort of formatted ls -l with totals (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Allows you to kill processes by name (if there's more than one with the same name , a selection is provided). (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Provides a short but accurate summary of memory and CPUs on HP-UX servers. (From Lee Binkley)
  • - Create a duplicate make_recovery tape for HP-UX servers (From Lee Binkley)



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